Perfekte akustische Symbiose PAX International: Breathable Tapis Ultraleather Bolero and Sound Absorbing Panels of Pelzer Consult, Switzerland

The new open sandwich-panel with acoustic backing of Pelzer Consult GmbH, Switzerland, together with the new Ultraleather Bolero of Tapis Corp., USA, is making a perfect VIP aircraft lining with superior acoustics. Low noise radiation into and high sound absorption in the passenger compartment are the key elements of this new product combination.

"A quiet cabin through fabric Armonk.

New York-based Tapis Corporation, manufacturers polyurethane based faux leather products Ultraleather™ and TapiSuede™. The company will be bringing a new version of the former product to this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo. „It’s a breathable product and it's very unique“, said Jason Estes, Sales Manager for Tapis Corp. Recently, the company found that is new faux Ultraleather ™ Bolero product has been useful to designers looking to create a quieter airline cabin.

Tapis products can be found on more than 50 airlines around the world. Five of its custom-made products were used on interior of the A380 delivered to Lufthansa in 2010. With a reputation for ease in cleaning and maintenance, Tapis products are part of the interiors on a majority of Embraer jets coming off the production line.

When Tapis products were combined with panels of sound absorbing foam made by a company Pelzer Acoustic Products in Swizerland, the breathable propertis of the Bolero brand coverings allowed sound to travel easily into the absorbing foam. Estes said the sound absorbing qualities make the company’s products ideal for areas of the aircraft such as first class cabins, where airlines seek to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere for high end travelers.

The company was showing the sound absorption qualities of its new Bolero at this year’s Business Jet Interiors World Expo in Cannes.

„Basically … there’s less mental and physical fatigue due to the noise as well as more privacy for the passengers and crew“, Estes said".

Pax International
February / March 2012
Vol. 16 No. 1A
Page 39 / 40

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