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Harmless mineral floor underlays


also floor insulation without polystyrene

Wuppertal, February 2017 – HAPPICH GmbH, the world's leading supplier of commercial vehicle equipment, has long since developed a special high-tech product for the flooring industry in its product portfolio.

This is a mineral heavy layer foil originally developed for vehicle acoustics that can reduce noise highly effectively. As this foil  also has high reduction of impact sound and reflected walking sound , it has been offered as a floor underlay for residential and commercial rooms in various designs under the registered trade name PAPSILENT for a long time. 

Our relatively thin heavy layer foils consist of harmless natural rock flours. They are also low-emission, PVC- and bitumen-free, recyclable, fire-resistant and almost CO2-neutral. With these quality-characteristics , however, they are not only highly sound-absorbing. First of all, they have such a high thermal conductivity that they speed up  the heating of rooms considerably and keep the heat longer, especially when installed under underfloor heating ."This noticeably reduces energy consumption," says Marc Pelzer, managing partner of HAPPICH.

In connection with the necessary energy savings in buildings, it is important to him that the insulation of the building  is not the sole remedy - the more as the disputed insulation of buildings with polystyrene as insulation material is still widely-used. Finally, the flooring industry also has an important role to play in saving energy in buildings, namely making its contribution with alternative, environmentally friendly and at the same time highly effective energy-saving materials.

"Highly toxic building fires with polystyrene as a fire accelerator should be a thing of the past," says Marc Pelzer, referring to a recent article in Manager Magazine. It quotes, among other things, the insurance industry, which now critically observes polystyrene as a building insulation material. According to Marc  Pelzer, one should also draw one's conclusions for the products of the flooring industry from this. "What applies to  outer surfaces of buildings  should also apply to floors in both commercial and residential applications.

Marc Pelzer sees markets for his products worldwide. He recently put a completely new high-performance extrusion line for the production of heavy layer foils into operation. It can produce foils with a production width of up to 2000 millimeters and a thickness of 0.5 to 4 mm and has an output strength of up to 3000 kilograms per hour, which corresponds to approximately - depending on the material - up to 2000 m² per hour. Europe-wide distribution has started. The first deliveries have also been made to China.