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New - Door Handle Sanitiser against viruses and bacteria

A new product added to our 2021 portfolio

HAPPICH GmbH offers retrofittable devices for disinfection of door handles. Door Handle Sanitiser available soon!

In the current corona pandemic, the WHO recommends the use of alcohol-based liquid disinfectants. The use of chemical disinfectants prevents the transmission of germs through contact with surfaces. Door handles are also hotspots for viruses and bacteria. Scientific tests prove that disinfectants reduce the amount of pathogens - that are frequently found on door handles through constant use - to a minimum.

HAPPICH GmbH offers retrofittable devices for disinfection of door handles. Features are:

  • The disinfection of the door handle is triggered mechanically after operation
  • In contrast to conventional systems, it is the door handle that is effectively disinfected, not the hand
  • No battery required
  • Suitable for retrofit of door handles with diameters from 17 to 22 mm
  • Easy mounting by means of adhesive pads or screws
  • Can be used with different actuation angles of the door handle
  • The spraying direction is individually adjustable adopting the geometry / shape of the door handle
  • Door handle disinfection is effected after each use

Mr Marc Pelzer, owner of the Happich Group: "By using HAPPICH Door Handle Sanitiser you protect your employees and visitors and you help to contain the pandemic. The next user will always find a disinfected door handle".

The new Door Handle Sanitiser will be available shortly.

Give viruses and bacteria no chance and stay healthy!

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