Ventilation plus temperature control Air conditioning and heating technology: New product range from HAPPICH

Wuppertal, Kortrijk (Belgium), 20 October 2011.
HAPPICH GmbH, the leading manufacturer of interior components for special-purpose and service vehicles is now producing air conditioning and heating systems for the first time. In keeping with its philosophy as a systems vendor, alongside its ventilation solutions HAPPICH can thus now offer its clients air conditioning and heating systems from a single source. HAPPICH presents three new product types: auxiliary heating units, integratable heating and air conditioning systems and a roof-mounted air conditioning system.

In the area of ventilation, for many years HAPPICH has already been delivering reliable components such as ventilation systems or air vents. The decision to start producing air conditioning technology as well was therefore the obvious next step.
Managing Partner Marc Pelzer, however, sees the launch of air conditioning technology as more than just a logical expansion of the existing product range. At the same time, he also sees promising markets in Europe, Asia and South America for HAPPICH’s new air conditioning products: “We’re now adding temperature control to ventilation. As a systems provider, our new heating and air conditioning systems also fall in with the request of many customers for ventilation and air conditioning from a single source, as an all-in-one package. Our customers now get to benefit from our high standard of quality, reliability and technical comfort in terms of air conditioning as well.”

At BusWorld 2011 in Kortrijk, Belgium, this long-standing company has now presented its full new product range in the area of air conditioning and heating systems for the first time to an international public.
As of now HAPPICH is providing customers with three new product types in diverse variants, from a single source.
• Auxiliary heating units: These are used in colder weather and colder geographical regions. Cross-country and urban buses which frequently open their doors at bus stops regularly let uncomfortably chilly air into the passenger area. This is where auxiliary heating units come in: placed beneath seats, for example, they reliably ensure that a pleasant interior temperature is maintained.
• Integratable heating and air conditioning systems: These are compact air conditioning units which can be retrofitted, say, in trucks or cabin vehicles, e.g. for agricultural and construction machinery, at little expense.
• Roof-mounted air conditioning systems: These are mainly used as the ideal retrofit system for, say, cabin vehicles or special-purpose vehicles such as ambulances with special coachwork and offer the great advantage that they need only one electricity connection and otherwise provide all the functions of an air conditioning unit as a fully stand-alone system.

All systems are of a high technical standard, can be deployed in a wide range of ways and are equipped with high-performance features: the auxiliary heating units, for example, are fitted with brushless dual output motors, which have especially long useful lives.