NKW - IAA 2012 – We say thank you! 02.10.2012

It was the flagship at the HAPPICH trade fair stand and immediately attracted great interest: The new bus door from Feldmann-HAPPICH which was presented individually to the industry for the first time at the IAA 2012 in Hanover. The extremely low-maintenance electro-pneumatic swinging/sliding door (SST) was tested 3 million tests (1 million times is standard) before it went into serial production for Evobus’s Citaro II, the “Bus of the Year 2013”.

Thomas Wegert and Marc Pelzer extend their thanks for this lively interest. “We are truly delighted with the many interesting and competent discussions with our clients and with potential customers. In light of the many opinions and the feedback we have received, we see the trade fair as a complete success and are very optimistic about the future.”

Products from Spanish HAPPICH subsidiary, HAPPICH RIU, were shown for the first time in Hanover too. The company’s high quality components such as locks, handles, luggage compartment flap locks, and pneumatic-sprung compartment flaps were well received by the fair visitors.

Once again, much attention was garnered not only by the HAPPICH wireless push button, which is meanwhile being serially fitted by Siemens, but also by the diverse profiles and the new serial production-ready hanger straps which are entirely without PVC and require no maintenance.