A fresh start into the future 17.09.2010

Wuppertal, August/September 2010.

From its base in Wuppertal the reorganised HAPPCH GmbH is casting a confident look towards Asia’s rapidly growing automotive markets and is planning new products and ventures in the USA, India and China.

“The choice was made unreservedly in favour of Wuppertal because this is HAPPICH’s traditional location. It was here that the Happich brothers founded their enterprise and this is where most of our staff grew up. Happich and Wuppertal – both of these names are very close-knit, an association well-known to automobile producers all over the world”, says managing partner Marc Pelzer.

As a leading interior equipment supplier to the special-purpose and commercial vehicle industry Happich intends to relaunch from this location in search of new success. “Traditionally Wuppertal has a technology-friendly infrastructure and mentality. We experienced this with the unburocratic support afforded by the town’s mayor and business development council and State of North Rhine-Westphalia, which assisted us by finding the Delphi buildings in Wuppertal-Elberfeld’s Technology Park.” It is here at the new corporate headquarters that Happich will be basing the European headquarters in the future. “We are delighted by the way our staff members were are pulling in the same direction during the relocation phase. After all, we want to make a fresh start in Wuppertal and to develop our activities swiftly”, continues Pelzer.

Currently Happich is focusing on the development of innovative products for omnibuses, railway carriages, caravans and trucks, particularly in the fields of air-conditioning technology and acoustics. The starting situation is excellent because the company admittedly “shrunk itself into health” by reducing the staff level to 120 while in receivership; but HAPPICH’s sales platform, which has grown over the years, is a great help in putting good new products on to the market.