Acoustic Consulting Services and Material Testing Acoustic Material and Component Development

  • Absorptive Heat Shield Development
  • Acoustic Component Development & Optimization
  • Acoustic Dry Wall Optimization
  • Acoustic Material Development on Customer Request
  • Close Proximity Absorption / Insulation Systems Development for Cold and Hot Surface Noise Radiation Reduction
  • Complete NVH-Package Development for Mass Transportation Vehicle on Air, Sea & Land and Industrial Machinery & Equipment
  • Noise Encapsulation Design & Manufacturing

Acoustic Material Testing

Sound Absorption
  • Measurements of normal incidence absorption properties in Impedance Tube B&K Type 4206 according ISO 10534-2 and ASTM E1050–98
  • Random incidence absorption testing in Alpha Cabin (Industrial Standard) or in Reverberation Room according ISO 354 or ASTM C324

Damping Loss Factor (DLF)
according DIN 53440, ISO 5721 (Oberst method) or system decay time method

Sound Transmission Loss (STL)
Measurement of normal incidence Noise Reduction (NR) in Transmission Loss Tube Type 4206 T according the Four-microphone Transfer- function Method Measurement of random incidence STL according SAE J1400