Roof hatches We manufacture three different categories:

Lightweight roof hatches
Suitable for caravans, market vehicles and horse trailers. Characteristics:
  • Ventilation and air exhaust functions by opening one or both sides of the dome
  • Clear or tinted acrylic glass domes
  • Plastic or aluminium mounting frames for roofs from 20 to 45 mm thick
  • Protective screens
  • Weights of up to 2.5 kg
  • Manually operated

Heavy-duty roof hatches
Mainly for applications in buses, coaches and special-purpose vehicles (without emergency exit feature), with
  • Manual operation
  • Acrylic and metal domes
  • Powder-coated aluminium and plastic mounting frames
  • Weights of between 6 and 8 kg

Emergency exit roof hatches
For all kinds of buses and coaches, compliant with ECE R 36 und R 52 directives for vehicle roof emergency exits.
  • Minimum opening area of 4,000 cm2
  • Plastic or aluminium mounting frames as desired
  • Domes made of single-pane safety glass or galvanised steel
  • Manually or electrically operated
  • Seal of approval for safety-tested products
  • Options available to keep limbs from being crushed or trapped
  • Weights of between 12 and 13 kg

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