Straps, handles and coat hooks There are innumerable applications for our comprehensive range of handles:
  • Hand straps to hold on to during bus ride
  • Handles to hold on to when entering a bus
  • Door pull handles in agricultural implements and recreational vehicles
  • Assist handles in special-purpose vehicles such as taxis
  • Manoeuvring handles on caravans
  • Handles on the back of coach seats or along the aisles in city buses
  • Straps on handrails in railway carriages, trams and other public transport vehicles
  • Additional handles to assist truck drivers getting into and out of their vehicles
  • Opening and closing handles on doors and hatch lids for large-scale machinery

Antibacterial hand strap with innovative fixture
Completely new within the product portfolio is the antibacterial hand strap with clamping bracket made of plastic and optional clamp fastening (anti-slide fuxture).

The strap is made of a non-hazardous and food safe plastic (metallocene catalysed polyethylene).

The strap offers no nutrient medium for bacteria and is also extremely resistant to aggressive substances such as cleaning agents and sweat. It is extruded in a single production step with a stabilising inner fabric tape. The antibacterial hand strap is available in two standard colours (black and silver-grey, similar to RAL 7001). Special colours can be delivered on request. The tensile strength is 2,000 N.

Overview of the benefits
  • food safe
  • no negative burning characteristics as PVC
  • equipped with antibacterial properties for enhanced cleanness and well-being
  • resistant to aggressive cleaning agents and sweat
  • pleasant haptic, does not slide through the hand
  • 50% weight saving in conjunction with the plastic clamping brackets
  • fabric tape is included in the direct extrusion process; it is not possible for the fabric tape to twist within the strap material

Anti-slide fixture
  • can be retrofi tted to the handrail
  • simple fixture thanks to locking hook and clip (no tool required)
  • patent pending

 Download here

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