Emergency hammers Legislation in Germany requires that no less than four emergency hammers per vehicle must be located in certain places inside standard local public transport buses, interurban buses and coaches. These hammers must be held in brackets close by side windows specifically designated as emergency exits. Our emergency escape hammer makes it easier to fracture the safety glass.

  • Ideal impact due to incident angle of the hammer’s head
  • Simple screw mounting of brackets
  • Stirrup handle prevents injuries and provides a firm grip
  • High-quality toughened metal tip
  • Greater impact force with increased hammer mass
  • Lead seals easily applied
  • Universal bracket
  • Low energy expenditure
  • Slip-proof handle zone

Many different models are available including emergency hammers with a blade to cut seat belts, anti-vandalism and anti-theft features, an optional pressure sensor and wire tether to set off an alarm.

 Download here

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