Push buttons GHE’s standard range of push buttons for city and overland buses consists of some 130 different basic models.
  • Available in many colours, optionally with high-gloss surface or grained texture
  • Suitable for 30 mm and 35 mm diameter handrails
  • Models with flat backs are also stocked for side-wall applications
  • The number of symbols and characters that can appear on the buttons is immense (special symbols available on request)
  • Bell pushes with buttons elevated by 3 mm, LED lights or Braille characters

Push buttons with wireless signal transmission
  • While the conventional method is to transmit signals by cable, this technology transmits the signal by radio using 32-bit encryption. The benefits of this radio-controlled system are numerous.
  • These new push buttons can be attached wherever convenient, greatly easing passenger use.
  • The GHE system works by induction and, unlike Piezo technology, is resistant to environmental influences and ageing.
  • The transmission modules autonomous, i.e. no additional power source like a battery is needed.
  • No wiring is required for this purpose in the passenger compartment.
  • The system is not prone to malfunctions.
  • It is easy to mount.
  • The new range of radio transmission bell pushes can process a variety of signals. Up to 28 buttons can be taught in at one receiver. Signals are sensed by tactile feedback, with a mechanical pressure point or acoustically by a clicking sound.
  • The receiver can be integrated into existing vehicle electronics efficiently and cost-effectively. Four channels let the system differentiate between four completely different signals such as next stop, emergency call or activation of wheel-chair assistance equipment.
  • Its external aerial ensures high reception reliability. Using the programming button built into the receiver you can even programme the system retroactively whenever necessary.
  • This patented, innovative product range was designed to comply with the European EMC Directive. No low-frequency electromagnetic irradiation is involved because there is absolutely no wiring between the switches. Installing radio-controlled push buttons thus makes a valuable contribution to long-term energy efficiency in all kinds of large-scale vehicles.

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