Locks and catches With the manufacturers of overland buses and coaches in mind, HAPPICH developed the master-key locking system which makes it possible to lock and unlock all the doors and flaps with a single key.

The system incorporates:
  • Luggage compartment flap locks (also with integrated reflectors or side warning lights)
  • Driver’s door handles
  • Toilet cubicle locks
  • Outward-swinging door locks
  • Push-button locks
  • Engine compartment locks
  • Stowage compartment and maintenance space locks as individual components or complete systems for all exterior and interior locking operations – an expedient solution for premium coach security.
  • Thirty different standard closures with lock cylinders that can be clipped in retroactively and that meet the requirements of ECE RL-18.

To complement this system we have developed 12 V and 24 V central locking control units and, to meet drivers’ increasing demands for greater comfort, a complete central locking system with wireless remote control:
  • Three individually controllable channels, each with up to five (24 V) or three (12 V) controllable locks with safety code protection
  • Can be actuated with and without a key

Please contact us if you have an application involving a finely-tuned locking system including all the required, compatible components.

 Download here

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