TENAX® fasteners The TENAX® is a self-locking, quick-action fastener that provides great holding forces.

Wherever a quick and easily released connection is required, one that also has a high mechanical load capacity, then the TENAX® fastener fits the bill perfectly – a snap fastener with a self-locking release mechanism.

  • The top and bottom parts are connected to each other so firmly that you cannot separate them without first actuating the release mechanism.
  • Particularly suitable for connections that have to be loosened frequently, such as tarpaulins, convertible soft tops, machine covers, floor mats
  • High axial and shear forces
  • Encapsulated mechanism which is not prone to failure
  • Top parts available in various designs. Customised embossing and logos are possible.
  • Bottom parts with a range of self-tapping screws, textile screws, threaded bolts and rivets
  • Top and bottom parts available with various surface treatments
  • Base materials are brass and stainless steel. The latter are ideal for boat-building applications.

 Download here

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