Spain In spring 2012 HAPPICH GmbH aquired outright the long established Spanish supplier Auto Carrocerias Riu, Barcelona, with the brand Cowol. The newly founded Spanish company under German ownership is now called HAPPICH RIU S.A. We - HAPPICH RIU - continue the previous business of the acquired Auto Carrocerias Riu entirely. In addition, we also take on the direct distribution of HAPPICH components on the Spanish market and thus eliminate the former intermediary Ellamp Iberica.

Located in Barcelona, Spain - a plot of more than 2500m2 and a diversity of departments - this is HAPPICH RIU. All our divisions such as R & D, purchasing, production, sales and logistics are cooperating closely and are always at your service.

A close cooperation with our customers in making sure than the quality of our products as well as a precise and smooth logistics will be meintained on a high level. This is how we adapt ourselves to all kinds of requirements promptly and reliedly, thereby permanently optimiting processes.

  • HAPPICH RIU S.A. | Avda. Maresme 44, 3o - 1a| 08918 Badalona | Spain |
    Phone +34 933 037 600 | Fax +34 933 037 610 |

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