From Asia to Europe Turkish ILERI Group’s new HAPPICH production partner

Wuppertal/Istanbul, 12.07.2011. Shorter delivery times, increased flexibility and greater proximity to European markets and customers – in order to achieve these goals, HAPPICH GmbH, the leading interior outfitter for commercial and specialist vehicles, has created an advantageous strategic partnership with ILERI Group based in Turkey. This will impact exclusively on HAPPICH’s Asian reference volumes.

The new areas of cooperation are limited to the production of locks, principally rotary latch locks and associated fittings especially for busses and mini vans. Rotary latch locks, which are one of HAPPICH’s main products, have until now been largely manufactured in the Far East. From now on, production will take place with HAPPICH’s own tools, located in Gebze, Turkey, near Istanbul, possesses great transport connections.

Faster supply

Until now, HAPPICH products spent six weeks on the sea, in transit from Asia, until they reached the bus manufacturers in Europe. But from now, it will only take one week, overland, from Istanbul to HAPPICH’s distribution centre. The local Turkish bus market can even be served directly.
„With 10,000 buses and mini vans produced every year, Turkey belongs to the three largest domestic markets within the European bus market. In fact, this relocation initiative has been a great step towards reaching our goal of operating as close to our customers as possible. In ILERI, we have found an experienced productions partner, perfectly matched thanks to its expertise, high quality standards and knowledge of the markets“, enthuses Marc Pelzer, HAPPICH’s managing partner after signing the contract with Halit Ileri, the managing director of ILERI Group in Wuppertal, HAPPICH’s traditional home.

“HAPPICH is a leader and recognised expert rooted in the global markets. This agreement becomes a perfect match as it combines these qualifications with ILERI’s market knowledge and diverse industry experience. Eventually this contribute to ILERI’s goal of growing in the commercial vehicle markets as well.”, quoted by Halit Ileri.

Strategic Production

As of now, ILERI will concentrate exclussively on the production of HAP-PICH rotary latch locks for commercial vehichle industry. In response, HAPPICH will make its production capabilities and distribution infra-structure available. Our new Turkish partner, ILERI, was founded in 1978 and today employs some 200 individuals. ILERI possesses decades of production experience regarding locks, exterior locks, locking pins and interior operating fittings for busses, coaches and heavy goods vehicles and also holds an impressive product portfolio. Prior to signing, HAPPICH visited ILERI in Turkey and saw first hand the superior conditions and high degree of modernity of the facilities and processes there. The know how of HAPPICH’s engineers, which has gone into these locks, as well as annual production figures of several hundred thousand units encom-passing some 70 different models mean that the rotary latch lock is one of the most important products in HAPPICH’s line of locking systems, making it a strategic product that must fulfil the very highest levels of quality.

Things are already underway. The original tools have already been moved from Asia and rebuilt in Gebze. After successful completion of pilot production, the go-ahead will be given and series production can begin in approximately six weeks, which is just as long as the ships took to bring HAPPICH products from the Far East to Europe.