Anti-bacterial strap with anti-slide fixture 19.03.2013

During the rush hour in conurbations people are crowded close together in overfilled buses and trains. And here it is not just the passengers who are subjected to stress. A great burden is also placed on a rather inconspicuous object: the passenger strap. Innumerable times they have to reliably support innumerable standing passengers who hold onto them.

HAPPICH, the leading interior supplier for special and commercial vehicles now presents a completely new development of their own classic product with an entire range of benefits.

Our focus is the improvement of safety in conjunction with non-hazardous properties with regard to people and the environment.

The new strap with clamping bracket made from plastic and optional clamp fastening is food safe and achieves, just like its PVC predecessor, a pleasant haptic without the use of poisonous softeners. At the same time this version is more stable, durable and, thanks to the Sanitized® hygiene function, also ideally protected even between cleanings.

The strap offers no nutrient medium for bacteria and is also extremely resistant to aggressive substances such as cleaning agents and sweat.

It is extruded in a single production step with a stabilising inner fabric tape. The anti-bacterial strap is available in two standard colours (black and silver-grey, similar to RAL 7001). Special colours can be delivered on request.
The tensile strength is 2,000 N.

A newly developed anti-slide fixture which ensures the axial positioning of the strap on the handrail and creates increased safety for the passengers.

This innovative clamp in of fixture prevents the strap from sliding along the handrail and is available in two standard colours that match the strap. Special colours are also available on request.