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Edge protectors
The flexible protection for metal edges
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Antibacterial hand strap
The robust strap with innovative fixing
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Door systems
Individual styles according to customer request
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Roof hatches
for buses, caravans and special-purpose vehicles
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Bell pushes
Also available with wireless signal transmission
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Sun protection
A great variety to suit a multitude of customer requirements
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Locks and catches
All around locking systems for interurban buses and coaches
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Door and flap handles
With side marker lights or reflectors
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Handrail stanchions
Variable for handrail systems in buses and trains
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World’s finest polish for more than 60 years
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The innovative quick release fastener for more than 80 years
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Outward-swinging door locks
In various designs and functional renges
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Emergency hammers
Optionally inclusive pressure sensor and signal actuation
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PAPSILENT insulation underlays
The innovative solution for SILENCE in the ROOM
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Acoustic products for automotive industry
Highly effective acoustic and thermal insulation products
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Low location lighting systems
escape lighting
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The innovative brand products
Every one of our individual components is a small masterpiece

Each and every component is a miniature masterpiece that fulfils its job wherever it is applied. It is technically mature, embodies attractive style and design, and is always reliable. Flexible and sturdy assist handles give passengers with something to hold on to. Our latches are used to open and close doors, flaps, lids and hoods. Profiles incorporate protection and sealing properties. Lights and vents, roof hatches and fans, weatherstrips, clamp-on buffer profiles, sun visors and roller blinds – we are justifiably proud of each individual component in our range.

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