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Environmental management and sustainability

Environmental protection is part of our general corporate philosophy. We show consideration for future generations.

Sustainable product development

  • Development of durable products
  • Use of raw materials that are as environmentally compatible as possible

Eco-friendly production

  • Use of resource-saving production technologies
  • Recycling of production and product waste for reuse (heavy-layer films)
  • In-house developed highly efficient drying systems for energy-saving drying of our profiles
  • Closed cooling circuits in the shop floor area
  • Regular process optimisation to reduce start-up scrap and production waste
  • Energy savings through night and weekend reduction of the heating system
  • Use of electricity from renewable sources for our profile extrusion and pressing plant
  • Introduction of an energy-efficient lighting system in our warehouse area on LED technology

Office / Administration

  • Energy-efficient equipment of workstations (regular modernisation of our IT infrastructure)
  • Reduction of copier paper consumption through optimisation of SAP process flows

Logistics / Mobility

  • Niederschach central warehouse - reduced transport routes
  • Eco-friendly packaging through extensive changeover from plastic packaging to paper packaging
  • Logistics / transport service provider with modern and low-emission vehicle flee
  • Company cars: Increasing share of electric and hybrid vehicles

Waste disposal

Our aim is to conserve resources and avoid negative environmental impacts

Avoid and reuse - our approach regarding waste

  • Recycling production and product waste for reuse
  • Modular principle for many of our products - this means that not everything has to be manufactured and procured anew in case of repair

Disposal– our approach regarding waste

  • Environmentally sound waste management
  • Separation of waste by type to enable further use of raw materials

REACH, ROHS and conflict minerals

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