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Injection Moulding Competence in large and small series. Made in Germany

Injection Moulding

Injection moulding production at the location in Herrstein / Germany and newly starting from February 2024 at the Idar-Oberstein / Germany location. We produce moulded parts in high volumes at a low cost.

From the idea to the tooling design, from prototypes and pre-serial to serial production manufacturing. As a professional provider of high-quality plastic solutions, HAPPICH offers a comprehensive range of services for a wide variety of industries and applications.Our engineering works closely with our production department and cross capable factories, to ensure that you benefit from all Know-how existing in the Happich Group.

HAPPICH warrant´s is customers a fast, efficient and cost efficient solutions in tooling design, tooling manufacturing and production of thermoplastic injection moulded parts.

Our company excels in the following areas:

Plastic Injection Molding
Plastic injection molding is our core competency. Utilizing state-of-the-art injection molding machines, plastics are shaped into the desired form with a focus on precision and efficiency. Our wide range of injection molding processes allows us to produce parts in different sizes and shapes tailored to the individual requirements of our customers.

Tool Management
Efficient tool management is crucial for producing high-precision plastic parts. At HAPPICH, we rely on cutting-edge technologies and processes to ensure tool quality. Our experienced professionals ensure smooth maintenance and care of the tools, ensuring optimal production performance and tool longevity.

Development & Construction
Our team of talented engineers and technicians supports customers in the development and construction of custom plastic solutions. We employ advanced CAD and simulation software to create innovative designs and optimize product functionality. From concept to series readiness, we accompany our customers at every step of the development process.

Assembly & Processing
The assembly and processing of plastic parts at HAPPICH adhere to the highest quality standards. Our experienced assembly team ensures seamless integration of individual components, meeting the high expectations of our customers. Whether individual parts or complex assemblies, we master the art of precise assembly.

Quality Management
Quality is a top priority at HAPPICH. Our comprehensive quality management ensures that every production step undergoes rigorous controls, and all products meet our high-quality standards. To achieve this, we employ state-of-the-art testing technologies and trained personnel who critically monitor every aspect of production.

At HAPPICH, we take pride in offering our customers a comprehensive package of plastic solutions. From concept to development and production to assembly and quality control, we stand by our customers as a reliable partner. Our goal is to exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers and provide innovative solutions for their individual projects.

Our machinery

  • Horizontal Injection machines from 60 up to 1,300 tonnes of closing force
  • Inserts Moulding – Allows a highly complex and free 3Dimensional shape of the parts as well a faster and more efficient post-assembly of the parts. This means that slight undercuts on the component edge, folding up to a defined limit radius, bulges and much more can be displayed.
  • Modern and TQM maintained machinery, from renowned and leading Manufacturers.
  • In Mould Decoration - In the IMD process, injection molding and finishing take place in a single step. In this process, a foil previously printed with the desired decor is fed into the injection molding tool. Due to the injection pressure and the heat of the plastic, the decorative layers are detached from the carrier film and transferred to the plastic.

What we do best - our strengths

  • Parts ranging from 5 to 6,940 g in weight.
  • Minimum wall thickness of 0,4 mm
  • 2 – 3 components liquid painting system (when required)
  • sub-assemblies
  • Low volumes production also possible
  • Prototyping 3D-Printing and 3D-Scan solutions
  • “Design to Manufacture“ part and tooling Engineering.

What is possible?

  • Complex shapes and several surface finishes are possible, such as glossy smooth surfaces, grains for touch-friendly areas, patterns, engravings and post moulding Class A painting.
  • From low to High precision parts to withstand from the less demanding to the highest requirements
  • All parts are complete with material and manufacturing information and traceability records.