New look for escape hatch HAPPICH escape hatch now has new plastic frame

“In terms of EURONORM 6, which prescribes even lower emissions from 2014, every gram that a vehicle can shed counts,” says Patrick Emde, head of the HAPPICH Components platform, emphasizing the environmental benefits of the new escape hatch. Instead of aluminum, HAPPICH is now using lighter plastic for the frame of its escape hatch. Compared with the rigid aluminum frame, the new plastic one is not only lighter but also slightly flexible and is glued completely to the body when built in. It fits better into convex roofs and makes the previously used adapters redundant. As a result, the new hatch is 0.7 kilograms lighter.

Less weight, noise and cold
Example: With the new HAPPICH hatch, a public transport bus with three escape hatches is now 2.1 kilograms lighter in the consumption-critical overhead area.

Furthermore, thanks to its heat-insulating properties, the plastic now in use ensures that there is no energy-consuming thermal bridge in the roof, while the improved streamlining of the new plastic frame significantly reduces noise levels.

HAPPICH quality…
The new escape hatch is also available in various models. Customers can select both the glass type – all the way through to special glass with light and heat absorption feature – and individual frame colors in keeping with the vehicle’s interior design. Customers can also decide whether the hatch should be opened and closed manually or electronically, for example via a button on the dashboard.

The new hatch meets all statutory requirements and possesses all itemizations and licences. The technology is suitable for the escape hatch and can also be transferred to the 500 x 500 format. Naturally, the various elements of the earlier version can be integrated: The new plastic frame, for example, can also be combined with the existing 5930122 and 593C024 cover frames.

… Made in Germany
HAPPICH has been producing roof hatches since 1955 and its new escape hatch is fresh proof of its trusted and well-engineered technology which, incidentally, is developed and manufactured, inclusive of electronics, entirely in Germany.