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HAPPICH-Pelzer Group acquires Gebrüder Schmidt KG. The new company operates under the name HAPPICH Innovation GmbH.

Idar-Oberstein, 1. February 2024 – The business activities of Gebrüder Schmidt KG sowie der Novotion GmbH were taken over by HAPPICH Innovation GmbH as of February 1, 2024.

HAPPICH Innovation GmbH was founded by the owner of HAPPICH-Pelzer Group, Marc Pelzer, and is thus part of the Pelzer Family Company. HAPPICH Innovation GmbH aims to advance the HAPPICH-Pelzer Group's involvement in plastic technology with innovative products and production methods.

Since the acquisition of HAPPICH GmbH by Pelzer Swiss Holding AG in 2010, HAPPICH-Pelzer Group has experienced steady growth, both organically and through acquisitions. During this time, the group has achieved an impressive revenue growth of 411%. The growth trend continues with the acquisition of Gebrüder Schmidt KG in February 2024.

The decision to acquire Gebrüder Schmidt KG amidst insolvency proceedings reflects the HAPPICH-Pelzer Group's confidence in the company's potential. By bringing in resources and leveraging synergies, the company is rejuvenated, and HAPPICH Innovation GmbH is strengthened.

"This acquisition reflects our belief in the original strengths of Gebrüder Schmidt KG. Our commitment will be a catalyst for positive change," says Marc Pelzer, owner of HAPPICH-Pelzer Group. "In this new phase, we aim to overcome challenges, revitalize operations, and continue delivering high-quality solutions to our customers."

The focus of acquiring Gebrüder Schmidt KG is on retaining key personnel and core competencies of the long-established company. To ensure a smooth transition, HAPPICH Innovation GmbH will closely collaborate with all companies within the HAPPICH-Pelzer Group.

We are aware of the challenges that come with integrating into the group. Belonging to the HAPPICH-Pelzer Group opens a new chapter, bringing new synergies, and we look forward to the associated opportunities.


Founded in 1924, HAPPICH represents high quality awareness, tradition, innovation, and globality. Regional commitment combined with inventiveness and a family-led core – this combination makes us a leading supplier for utility and special vehicles, system and component suppliers for machinery and plant construction, the marine industry, as well as manufacturers of products for technical soundproofing and thermal insulation for building and vehicle acoustics.

Since 2010, we have been part of Pelzer Swiss AG and a member of the Pelzer Family Company.

Our customers are at the center of our efforts. Meeting their trust and expectations, fulfilling their wishes and requirements for vehicle interiors with the best technologies of the future – this challenge is our daily driving force.

HAPPICH Innovation GmbH

HAPPICH Innovation GmbH, as the successor to Gebrüder Schmidt KG, is the oldest industrial enterprise in the Birkenfeld district and simultaneously belongs to the top group of the oldest German family-owned industrial companies. The company's eventful history spans a period in which it had to reinvent itself repeatedly to adapt to changing market situations – true to the company motto: "Only change is constant." The history begins before the industrial revolution in the era of stagecoaches and spans two centuries during which humanity profoundly changed the face of the earth. The origins of today's system supplier and specialist for plastic injection molding date back to the early 17th century when the ancestors of the company founder Johann Carl Schmidt started as blacksmiths in Oberstein. The company was officially founded in 1818.

As a reliable partner for high-quality plastic injection molding and innovative solutions in plastic processing, HAPPICH Innovation GmbH now offers tailor-made solutions for various industries and applications in the areas of sanitation and hygiene, household appliances, mechanical engineering, and construction.